Who is wecann?

Wecann is a team of cannabis and CBD experts, dedicated to bringing amazing products to the people who need them.

Our team has extensive knowledge in the industry and has been helping cannabis and CBD businesses find their place in the market since early 2019.

We know the ins and outs of the industry, what avenues to go down and most importantly, what actually works online.

Our mission is to support businesses within the CBD and cannabis industries and help them find their way through the madness that can be online selling and digital marketing. We’re a group of dedicated CBD enthusiasts who are dedicated to help businesses like yours make it in the online market.

Meet The Team



With years of experience in e-commerce, marketing and business development, Dave is the perfect guy to help you and your company succeed in the cannabis industry.

He always puts clients first and his skills in digital marketing and online promotion are like no other.



Kurtis manages the day-to-day logistics required to process hundreds of orders each day and ensures that our warehouses and systems are running smoothly.

Kurtis plays a key role in the innovation of new ideas that help us stay prosperous in the future.



With over 30 years of experience in customer service, Ingrid ensures that orders are fulfilled to the wecann standard, and that our shelves are always stocked.

Ingrid has a great handle on everything to do with customer service and liaising with our suppliers.



For Reika, her work is her home away from home. She loves working in digital and strives to build a better industry for the companies within the space.

To her, you and your company aren’t just a company but part of the wecann family.



Jayson, being a very creative and talented graphic artist, always tries his best to create innovative and essential design to convey the company's ideas.

A team player, he works hard to meet the standard of the company and it's clients.



Kurt has a wealth of knowledge around the mind, body and spirit and will be guiding people to help them achieve optimal health.

Kurt is being put through graduation to become a rapid transformation therapist.



Joe is fresh out of university and has been designing apps for years. He loves to stay on top of the latest tech innovations in the industry.

Joe loves a technical challenge and will take on most projects with an open mind.

our new HQ

Sitting in the heart of the beautiful East Midlands, surrounded by nature, is our new headquarters.

Our new HQ is all about peace, tranquility, promoting growth and staying grounded. It really is a tranquil place, so much so, we will be building a cafe next to it called Roots.

We’re all excited to be moving into this beautiful building!

Wecann HQ

You create it, we'll do the rest of the heavy lifting.