A fresh approach to digital marketing with 18+ years of experience in web design and search engine optimisation.

Does your website generate business?

Your website is one of the most important tools that your business has. A well-optimised and maintained website should be generating regular enquiries for you, and giving you the freedom to focus on your day to day operations.

If you are not happy with how your website is performing, then now could be a good time to find out why. We help businesses to improve or rebuild their existing website and create marketing strategies that get great results. 
Website Development

Is your online shop performing?

Over the past few years, online sales of cannabis and hemp products has reached an all time high. Those that are doing well seem to have fast, search engine optimised stores, and a strategic marketing strategy in place.

We often speak with brands who are not getting the results they expected and have found themselves stuck with a slow, hard to manage store. If you find yourself in this position then you come to the right place. 
E-Commerce Development

Are you ranking highly in search engines?

If you have a website and wondered why you are still not making many sales, the chances are your website is not being found in search engines.

If people are not finding your website, you will have fewer opportunities to convert them into customers. SEO drives the most traffic, and converts much better.

Organic search is one of the biggest drivers of traffic, and is currently one of the best options for brands in the cannabis and hemp industry.

Is your marketing campaign working?

As you have already discovered, marketing of certain products has become rather complicated, certainly on social media platforms.

Applying traditional marketing techniques to cannabis and hemp-based products is not simple, but we are here to take away that pain and guide you through it.

Our tried and tested, data-driven digital marketing campaigns are designed to help you generate more enquiries and sell more products. 
Digital Marketing

Elevate your brand with our forward-thinking and passionate Cannabis & CBD Marketing Agency.

Explore your competitor's marketing strategies & tactics.
Examine the traffic to your website and compare it to your competitors.

Learn more about your competitor's content and link-building strategies.

Discover and capitalise on market trends.

Find new ways to drive traffic to your website.

Learn more about digital marketing and get ahead of the competition.


Increase your search visibility by growing your organic traffic.

Find keywords that are relevant to your website.

Improve your backlink profile and obtain new links.

Discover and resolve technical SEO issues.

Find ways to improve your content.

Outshine your competitors, and get ahead in search results.


Create awesome content that ranks and sparks more interest.

Find inspiration for interesting content.

Optimise your content while you're on the go.

Analyse the effectiveness of your blog posts.  

Examine your brand's visibility.

Make strategic moves and improve your search engine rankings.  

Website Design

Build an incredible website that will perform better in search engines.

Improve the speed and overall performance of your website.

Achieve higher volumes of traffic from mobile devices.

Give visitors to your website the best possible browsing experience, and keep search engines happy.

Generate more enquiries and keep people coming back to your business.


Build your dream ecommerce store with our expert help.

Get a new and improved online shop that is built with search engines in mind.

Get access to the best e-commerce tools.

Provide your visitors with an amazing online shopping experience and improve your conversion rates.

Generate more online sales and increase your customer retention rate.

Dr. Lola O Ohonba

David and his team at wecann are great professionals to work with. They’re not just going above and beyond to help clients find solutions to their needs in the cannabis space; but also have the technical skill-set to make it happen.

Dr. Lola O Ohonba
WCI Health

Dave and his team have produced some of the best websites for our clients. They are also some of the easiest technologists Plant Media Project has had the good fortune to work with.

Elizabeth Sheldon
Plant Media Project
Sean McCallum

I've found David to be a person of great integrity. I'm grateful for our relationship and cannot speak highly enough of David's openness and willingness to help and support the work of Eudemonics.

He's exactly the kind of person that suits our work - he has a wonderful social conscience that transcends the usual business conversations and supports the person-centred work that we do.

David has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a supportive viewpoint that is realistic and authentic.

Sean McCallum
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